Ficohsa delivers donation to COVID – 19 Stabilization Centers

Ficohsa Financial Group

Ficohsa Financial Group, committed to the health and wellbeing of Hondurans since always and aware of the consequences caused by COVID – 19, made an important contribution to the Stabilization Centers in the name of all its clients, collaborators, partner companies and society in general,

The delivered donation was for an amount of 300 thousand lempiras that will be of great help especially in the moments of crisis that the country lives caused by the pandemic.

Ficohsa Financial Group has countering the impact of COVID – 19 as a priority.

Supporting the strengthening of the medical system and countering the impact of COVID – 19 is a priority to the Ficohsa Financial Group, because of this it delivered 740 virus detection tests to the stabilization center located in the Juan Pablo II in Tegucigalpa.

Ficohsa will continue supporting the more vulnerable and the different groups that are in the front, showing dedication and commitment while working to counteract the havoc caused by the virus, for that, is coordinating a delivery of biosecurity supply to stabilizing centers.

The financial institution has fought from the start against COVID – 19 propagation reinforcing hospitals and stabilization centers with medical equipment and supplies, helping more than 70 thousand people.